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Winter Swims Are Back Spring 2024!!
January, February and April.



















During the winter months the club hosts a variety of social get togethers. There are monthly swims planned at a rented pool in Calgary. These may be followed by "apres swim" get together held at a members home or other location. The swims are a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to nudism to get their feet wet....pun intended. The club welcomes any new "potential nudists" and the swims are a comfortable way to meet other nudists. Please note bathing suits are not permitted at our swims. We encourage the participation of couples and/or families and will only accept singles known to a club member or on a proportional basis. For all non members, both returning and new, picture id and a signed waiver will be required at the door at your first visit each season.


At most swims you can expect to be greeted by a host couple available to welcome you and answer any questions.

If you have attended our swims in the past ask here for dates & location



You say you have never been to one of our swims?

                         Please do not use the above form but simply click this link;

                                                                         "1st visit/New Member Inquiry"  

                                              Fill out the questionnaire shown on that page.

                                  In a short time you will be contacted with directions. If you do not get an e-mail in a reasonable time be                                         sure to check your "junk" mail folder before contacting us again. There is a possibility your internet mail                                       provider may hold up the return message. Please note we may take a little time to reply depending on our                                     volunteer's schedule.

                            Swim reception is open at 4:15 and admittance closes at 4:45 pm so our volunteers can enjoy the swim. Swimming takes place from 4:30 - 6 pm.

Everyone is asked to be out of the pool by 6 pm and out of the building by 6:15 pm.


Costs are: SCA members $14, AANR/FCN members $15, and non members $17.

Cash only, exact change is requested, credit or debit cards are not accepted.


All of the above is subject to change so please check back before each swim.



Join with us in a suit free swim at a local city  pool. A great way to introduce you or your partner to the nudist experience. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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