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The members of Sunny Chinooks nuist park are nudists. We enjoy simple and social times in the nude with others. There is no overt sex, swinging or kink, no judgement, no pressure, and no 10's. We are plain ordinary everyday people that go to work, play or watch sports, raise our children, go to church, and do everything that the general public does in their daily lives. The difference is we enjoy being nude and love to share this feeling in the company of other nudists.

The freedom of doing so creates a healthy body attitude within us. We do not judge others based on their body structure. To do so would make us hypocrites as we are not perfect human specimens. We are not air-brushed, made up or photo-shopped but are presented exactly as we have created ourselves. Most of us could lose a few pounds, get rid of a few body defects through surgery and slather on the make-up each time we appear in the nude, but other than health concerns, why should we? Who would we fool other than our own selves? We do not judge body image. We don't expect to like every personality nor approve of every person's lifestyle, after all we are human, but we do like to share the nude times with all.

Our membership is made up from all walks of life; mothers, fathers, teachers, engineers, nurses, doctors, office workers, oil company employees, accountants, computer people, farmers, ranchers, business owners and so on. We have an age range from children to teens to young people starting their working lives and on through to retired people.

We are mature people. You have to be in order to realize we see past the nudity, to see the person before you as a human being, to see their inner beauty. To paraphrase: nudity is only skin deep, inner beauty is to the bone.

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