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Perhaps we can answer some of your questions.

1. Will I have to undress right away?

No. Everyone remembers their first time to a club and will put no pressure on you to “drop your gear” right away. We all want for you to feel comfortable and when you are ready you will join on your own. More new timers remember feeling funny when they were fully dressed as the stood out that way. A good suggestion is to bring a long sleeved button up shirt to allow one to ease into the nudist life.

2. Do I have to be nude all the time?

No. The only time that you must always be nude is while relaxing in our hot tub - no swimsuits or tee shirts allowed. Typically while the weather permits we are all nude but when the sun goes down and the chill hits the air we all cover up to stay warm!


3. How do I act when talking to others?

This is a common concern for many new people. The best advice is talk to anyone as if you would if you were clothed.

Looking is something beginners tend to do but staring is to be avoided.

4. Do I have to join to visit?

No. However we do permit visits with the hope that you will consider joining. There are certain steps that you will need to take and those can be found on our “New Member Inquiry” page.


5. What if I meet someone I know?

It has happened! Don’t worry because they are there too and as nude as you are! Think of it as learning you have something in common with that person. All of us are discreet as we hope everyone is. Definitely good for a giggle!


6. What should I bring with me?

That depends. If you are coming to a swim for the first time all you need is a towel. If you are heading out to the campground bring what you would regularly bring, eats, snacks water, bug spray and all that stuff. One thing you can count on always needing at any nude event is a towel for you to sit on and an extra towel for the shower.


7. Are individual people welcome?

Sunny Chinooks currently has individual members, bot male & female so yes they are welcome. However, our Club by-laws set out a simple male to female ratio which caps how many individuals can be members at one time. We do have a full ratio presently but are always taking names for a waiting list.


8. Etiquette.

The rules of etiquette are very similar to that of a clothed situation. Treat other members and act the same way as you would feel comfortable acting in front of your family. Really just common sense.

· Gawking is impolite and unacceptable. It is OK to notice others but always rude to stare (never with binoculars or through a camera).

· For sanitary reasons, sit on a towel when using public seats or benches.

· Respect the environment.

· Help keep the area clean.

· Get dressed when leaving established nude areas. Naturists are not trying to offend anyone.

· Follow all parking regulations and other posted rules.

· Overt sexual activity is a no-no. We have a zero-tolerance rule for such instances. You will be asked to leave to never return.

· Respect the property of others.

· NO photography of any type is permitted. During some social events one may be present with the approval of the board. There will be sufficient warnings issued during these sessions

· Respect the privacy of others. Many people come to enjoy nature and don't want to be disturbed. It is good to be friendly, but take your cues from their response and body language. Respect the privacy of those using the outdoor and indoor showers.

· Speak up for standards. If you see people who are violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and what the proper behavior is.  If the action is of a sexual or criminal nature please report it to a member of our board or club immediately.

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